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Professional vocal coach and choir director, Dan Hegelund from Sweden has performed in venues such as the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, before the Latvian Cabinet, and in the televised choir competition, Clash of the Choirs.

In 2013 Dan Hegelund moved to the USA to start a music school in Issaquah. Common Ground Choir Academy has already won an award for “Best Music School 2014” by Issaquah Award Program.

Offering private lessons in voice and piano, as well as Choirs for kids, teens, and adults, Dan Hegelund brings a new level of expertise to the Issaquah community.
If you want to take your singing or piano to the next level, look no further.

Pastors Dan & Maria Hegelund
Sjung Gospel
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Nov 08


Dan Hegelund is praised for his expertise by professionals and students alike. Here is a short sample… Be sure to read all reviews here.

“I have had the privilege of working on the TV-project, “Clash of the Choirs” (TV4) with Dan Hegelund for seven weeks. He has impressed me greatly with his knowledge, his pedagogic skill as a choir director, with his voice, his commitment, and his love of music. He is always full of energy and a contagious joy, without ever loosing an eagle’s perspective. Besides his incredible, specialized skill in gospel music, both as a soloist and as a choir director, Dan has demonstrated a breadth, curiosity, and flexibility in working together with other musicians and participants in this project. It is my pleasure to recommend Dan Hegelund as a motivated and engaged music professional.” (Henrik Rongedal)

“Dan is a top grade professional in every way. There are few people that are more passionate and committed to their purpose in Life. Dan goes above and beyond for people to ensure their success in life. He is incredibly gifted, patient and successful in teaching and training and encouraging people in their talents and their gifting. 
I can’t recommend anyone more than Dan… In addition, Dan is a delightful person who makes everyone’s life better by his presence. Again I give him a strong recommendation. I cannot say enough great things about Dan. He is extremely polished and professional. He has a can-do attitude, and is always going the extra mile.” (Dan Tapia)

There is a reason Common Ground Choir Academy was awarded “Best Music School 2014″. Check out what people are saying about Dan Hegelund here.

Nov 07

Common Ground Choir Academy Receives Award for Best Music School 2014


“ISSAQUAH July 22, 2014 — Common Ground Choir Academy has been selected for the 2014 Best of Issaquah Award in the Music School category by the Issaquah Award Program.

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Nov 05

Academic & Health Benefits Of Singing

In a society mostly focused on the hard sciences and sports, it’s worth a reminder of some of the extraordinary benefits of singing.

Health benefits

Did you know that scientific research shows that singing…

• Improves your visual and verbal skills
• Helps the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure
• Improves sleep quality in students
• Makes you Happier
• Boosts your immune system and reduce Pain
• Reduces Depression and Anxiety
• Keeps an aging brain healthy

Academic benefits

Multiple studies link music study to academic achievements. Singing enhances and sharpens qualities like…

• Collaboration
• The ability to listen
• The power to focus on the present and future simultaneously
• The skill of giving effective presentations
• A way of thinking that weaves together disparate ideas
• Increased emotional intelligence
• Self confidence and clarity of purpose

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