Welcome to the Common Ground Choir Academy!

Common Ground Choir Academy is a music school in Issaquah that offers music classes and private lessons for children, youths, and adults.

With more than twenty years experience as a choir director and vocal artist, I have worked extensively in studio and on stage. I have performed in big musical events such as the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, before the Latvian Government, as a conductor at Krakow Gospel Festival and Copenhagen Gospel Festival, and as a participant in Clash of the Choirs (TV 4, Sweden).

You can join any time of the year. Feel free to try first. All are welcome.

––Dan Hegelund, Issaquah

Pastors Dan & Maria Hegelund
Sjung Gospel
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May 27

Northwest Folklife Festival 2014 – Common Ground Choir

Common Ground Choir Academy opened in Issaquah in September 2013. This was our first performance as a choir, at Northwest Folklife Festival 2014.

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May 15

Private Lessons this Summer

private lessons photo.001As an experienced vocalist and pianist, I have worked extensively both in the recording studio and on stage. Read more about my resume here. Read reviews here.

Voice lessons in Issaquah

I offer private singing lessons in Issaquah for those wanting to take their vocal skills to the next level. Book your time now: DHegelund@gmail.com

Piano lessons in Issaquah

I offer piano lessons for beginner and intermediate level. Book your time now: DHegelund@gmail.com

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May 08

FREE Summer Choir Workshops

toppic01Common Ground Choir Academy will be offering three FREE summer choir workshops. This is a great opportunity for you to try out our choir rehearsals and see if you like it before enrolling for the fall semester which starts Semester 2nd.

The dates of the FREE choir workshops are Tuesdays June 3rd, July 1st, and August 5th.

For kids, ages 6-14, the workshops last from 5 to 6 pm.
For youth/adults, ages 15 and above, the workshops last from 7 to 8:30 pm.
You are welcome to bring a friend.

Please let me know that you are planning to come by sending an e-mail to dhegelund@gmail.com

PS. Summer is also a great time to take some private lessons

May 02

Enroll for Fall Semester

Choirs in Wallingford, Issaquah, and BurienFall semester begins September 2nd.

Adult choir, ages 15 and above, rehearsals on Tuesdays 7:20-8:30.
Kids choir, ages 6-14, rehearsals on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 5:10-5:50.
Dan Hegelund’s schedule is filling up quickly but there is still room for a few more private students.

For more information use the navigation menu above.

You are also welcome to send me an e-mail at dhegelund@gmail.com or call 425-270-8669

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